January 21, 2013

As We Enter Another Four Years

Today is a new day of the next four years of an Obama presidency. This is a day that many people have waited for, and a day that others have dreaded. This is not a piece about Obama's achievements over the past four years, nor is it about the long journey that preceded this day. This is not about the hard fought campaign, nor the resistance of Republican congressmen to block the president's attempt at progress.

No, this is piece is about the next four years. This is about a new era in America's history. An era that will make us, break us, or take us toward either of the aforementioned destinies. This is a different year, a different term; but this is a term with similar issues that must be talked about in more depth.

January 9, 2013

Liberal and Conservative Bias in the Televised Media

We all know that conservatives cry "liberal bias," whether it makes sense or not. And, because of the obviously conservative Fox News, liberals and other left-wingers have a way to fight back. It has been a constant battle between the left and the right of the political spectrum. Honestly, it is a losing fight on both sides

January 3, 2013

One New Year's Resolution Down, Many More to Go

After heated debate, several attempts at obstruction on both sides, and aggressive media coverage over a topic that drove Americans into a state of panic that made the Mayan Apocalypse seem like just another Monday (even though it was), the Senate and the House have both passed the fiscal cliff deal.

January 2, 2013

Before We Can Get This Thing Going

Hello, readers! I would first off like to welcome you all to The Voice of Reason, the place for discussion. This will be the place where all of you can be able to read my views as well as debate them in the comments and even participate in weekly polls about relevant current events. Hopefully this will go through smoothly and with as much civility as possible.