January 2, 2013

Before We Can Get This Thing Going

Hello, readers! I would first off like to welcome you all to The Voice of Reason, the place for discussion. This will be the place where all of you can be able to read my views as well as debate them in the comments and even participate in weekly polls about relevant current events. Hopefully this will go through smoothly and with as much civility as possible.

I decided to create this blog for one central purpose: to provide a way for all readers and myself to let out our political views and maybe even change some minds along the way. To do that, I ask for all of you to remain civil with your comments and prepare for rational debate about current issues, political drama, and conflicting ideologies.

Now, about myself.

My name is Cristobal Reyes, but most people call me "Cris." I am Chilean-American and a high school senior that is aspiring to get involved in political journalism and perhaps the political arena itself. I am a fiscal socialist and a social liberal, and a lot of my posts will be left-leaning. However, I will strive to be objective when summarizing breaking news reports and as fair as possible when commenting on said reports. I am a logical thinker and am open to any and all arguments and debates as long as they make sense and are able to be supported with evidence. I do not like news stations with a partisan bias, but since the biggest stations cannot help but have some sort of bias towards an ideology, I watch the two most popular ones: Fox News and MSNBC. Of course, I agree with one station more than the other, but I do enjoy getting both sides of the story.

I am a soon-to-be registered Democrat. This is mainly because I can be considered one because I agree with the basic tenets of the Democratic Party. Yes, I do support same-sex marriage and adoption. Yes, I do believe in the legalization of marijuana. Yes, I do believe that gun control is essential to creating a safer society for civilians. Yes, I support immigration reform that allows law-abiding undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship. Yes, I support Obamacare. Yes, I am pro-choice. And yes, I do believe that the federal government has a significant role to play in the regulation of the American economy and in the distribution of social services, especially when it benefits the middle and lower classes of our society.

I do understand that some readers will not agree with everything I say or even anything I say, and that is just fine. That is the purpose of this blog, to create political discourse. My greater goal, however, is to be more knowledgeable of the socio-political cleavages that divide our society and to reflect on my views based on the comments and the things I read and observe.

Before I end this post, I would like to ask for patience. The page is still under construction and it will take about a week or so before I publish another discussion. When I get things up and running, I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and have a new poll every other week. Subscribe to this blog to get the latest updates and share with your favorite political junkies and debaters.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


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